Calcium Chloride Deicer


Packaged high-performance calcium chloride

Whether you seek superior ice melt or effective dust control, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-85 percent pure packaged calcium chloride gives you more power.

DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride's ice-melt speed far exceeds that of traditional calcium chloride and many other ice-control formulations. It also offers twice the working volume of most dust-control products. For usability, speed and economy, concentrated DOWFLAKE Xtra will not be outperformed.

DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride jump-starts melt with immediate heat release. It works down to -25 degrees and across a wider temperature range than most deicers.

Concentrated calcium chloride alone has a melt ability far exceeding both urea and potassium chloride. DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride also melts ice and snow faster than magnesium chloride, which requires a heavier and more expensive application to match DOWFLAKE Xtra's speed.

Use DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride by itself, or pair it with rock salt to achieve a harder-hitting ice- and snow-melt punch. Materials stay free-flowing and surfaces clear more quickly. Superior DOWFLAKE Xtra penetration makes mechanical snow and ice removal easier too.

DOWFLAKE Xtra is available in 50- and 25-pound bags as well as 2,000-pound super sacks.

Dust Control
DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride provides excellent dust control as well. Requiring half the application of most products, DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride significantly reduces your materials costs.

As a dust-control agent, DOWFLAKE Xtra absorbs moisture to keep surfaces damp and bind dust to gravel. Plus, it will not crust or fragment under traffic as some oils and emulsions can. With more predictability and less environmental impact that brines, DOWFLAKE Xtra meets your needs for cost-effective, efficient dust control.

Need more on DOWFLAKE Xtra calcium chloride flakes? See the product brochure or spec sheet. If you're looking for other deicers or dust control formulations, you can review our other high-performing Products.

DowFlake™ Xtra is a Trademark product of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

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