Spec Sheet Liquid Multi-Purpose Salt

Liquid Multi-Purpose (LMP) Salt

Bulk with no additives

Central Salt's Liquid Multi-Purpose (LMP) Salt is dried and carefully screened to ensure the specialized gradation of this agricultural salt.

Because of the size of its crystals, this untreated extra-fine rock salt goes into solution quickly, so LMP salt makes an excellent mix-in for livestock or poultry feed. LMP Salt is also particularly useful in the preparation of liquid feed or in the creation of salt brine.

Salt is a key component in livestock and poultry feed, because plants typically do not provide sufficient sodium and may also lack adequate chloride. Making adequate salt available to livestock and poultry can even help these animals double their weight gain.*

Central Salt's LMP salt is available in bulk quantities. We also offer fine agricultural salt and multi-purpose rock salt.

Need more on Central Salt's LMP salt? See the spec sheet. Looking for more information on the source of this superior Central Salt product? See About Us.


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