Agricultural / Livestock / Poultry

Fine, multi-purpose & liquid multi-purpose agricultural, poultry and livestock salt

Lyons Mine in Lyons, Kansas offers one of the richest mineral resources in the Midwest. So when we purchased the mine in 1991, it seemed only natural that we extract and grade these nutrient-rich salts to create a line of high-quality agricultural salts.

Both sodium and chloride - the essential nutrients in salt - are key components of feed for healthy livestock. In fact, animals have a more defined appetite for salt than any other element besides water.*

But most plants do not provide sufficient sodium for animal feeding. They may also lack adequate chloride. So salt supplementation is used to help keep livestock and poultry feed nutritionally balanced. Also, because of an animal's natural taste for it, salt can be used to deliver less palatable nutrients and can also act as a feed limiter.

Our bagged and bulk agricultural salts meet strict purity standards, which ensure safe use for cattle, poultry and other farmed animals. Review our fine and multi-purpose agricultural salt pages to learn more. Or, for additional information on Lyons Mine and Central Salt, see About Us.


Fine Agricultural Salt

Bulk and packaged dried/screened

Multi-Purpose (MP) Salt

Bulk and packaged with freeflow/anti-caking agent


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