Spec Sheet Livestock Feed Additives

Multi-Purpose (MP) Salt

Bulk and packaged with freeflow agent

Multi-purpose (MP) salt is used extensively in agricultural production as both a livestock and poultry feed additive. It can be used as either a free-choice feeding agent or as a mixing salt for animal feed.

By including a natural freeflow agent in its MP agricultural salt, Central Salt has reduced the caking and clumping that can occur with other salts. This helps make our MP salt a good choice for easy feed production and mixing.

Sodium chloride and other trace minerals in our salts are critical to help ensure the viability of livestock and increase overall weight gain. In fact, animals with salt available to them tend to gain twice as much weight as those that do not.*

Our MP salt meets strict purity standards and is available both in bulk and in 50-pound multi-wall polyethylene-lined paper bags. Central Salt offers fine agricultural salt as well.

Need more on Central Salt's MP rock salt? See the product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for more information on the source of this superior Central Salt product? See About Us.


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