Deicing Liquid

Deicing Liquid

C1000 & C2000

Liquid Deicing Products

The use of liquids has grown in popularity over the last 10 years. Liquids are a tool that can help in your snow and ice control plan especially when used with solid deicers. The benefits of liquid deicers:

  • Fast acting
  • Can be applied directly to the pavement or to the spinner
  • Can lower the effective melting temperature
  • Can reduce bounce and scatter when applied to the salt
  • Non-chloride available

Many governmental agencies and commercial snow plowing service companies apply liquids ahead of a snow or ice event – Anti-icing. This action prevents snow or ice from bonding to the pavement and allows for more efficient and effective snow plowing.

Central Salt offers the following liquid deicers:

  • C1000 for direct application, anti-icing and deicing
  • C2000 for stockpile treatment
  • C5000 as a salt brine additives
  • NC-3000 Non-chloride – for environmentally or corrosion sensitive applications

Our partnership with ADM/Glacial Technologies provides the research and development for the use and application of Caliber® with 32% liquid calcium chloride. Caliber is a finished, engineered corn product. It is clear, odorless, water white food grade carbohydrate. Caliber works as a concentrate compared to other agricultural products.

NC-3000 is safe enough to use around vegetation and in areas where corrosion is a concern. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous to plants and animal life and in environment, NC-3000 is biodegradable. It has a low Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and contains only a trace amounts of phosphates or nitrogen.

Caliber® is a registered trademark of ADM

Need more on Liquid Deicing Products? See the Liquid Deicing Products product brochure or MSDS. Looking for other deicers or information on dust control? Review our other high-performing Products.

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