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Fine Agricultural Salt

Bulk and packaged dried/screened

Central Salt's fine agricultural salt is used extensively as either free-choice feeding or as a mixing salt. Salt is a key component in livestock and poultry feed, because plants typically do not provide sufficient sodium and may also lack adequate chloride.*

Available both in bulk and in 50-pound multi-wall polyethylene-lined paper bags, Central Salt's fine agricultural salt helps ensure livestock and poultry receive the mineral nutrition they need to thrive. In fact, animals with adequate salt available to them tend to gain twice as much weight as those that do not.*

Like Central Salt's other agricultural salts, our fine agricultural salt is extracted from one of the richest beds of evaporates in the Midwest at our mine in Lyons, Kansas. Our fine agricultural salt meets strict purity standards to ensure safe use in feed and other agricultural applications.

Central Salt also offers a multi-purpose agricultural salt. Need more on our fine agricultural salt? See the product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for more information on the source of this superior Central Salt product? See About Us.


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