Highway Salt Product Data Sheet

Highway Salt Product Data Sheet

Bulk Rock Salt

Bulk ASTM-grade highway salt

Rock salt is a standard, economical chemical for deicing roadways and sidewalks. As with all Central Salt deicing salts, our bulk highway salts meet the industry-standard ASTM specification.

Rock salt - sodium chloride, or NaCL - has remained an industry standard due to its ability to melt ice at temperatures down to its eutectic point of -6° F (-21° C). And because the most important variable of a deicer's effectiveness is not air temperature but pavement temperature, rock salt continues to be an effective deicer in many US locations through most of the winter season.

Our bulk highway salt is mined and transported directly to our customers or stored at depots strategically located near snow-belt metropolitan markets for quick delivery. Depots are located in Lyons, KS; Sioux City, IA; Davenport, IA; Peru, IL; Chicago, IL; Dayton, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, KY; St. Louis, MO; Aurora, IN; Port Newark, NJ; and Pittsburgh, PA.

Need more on Central Salt's ASTM highway grade rock salt? See the product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for other deicers information? Review our other high-performing Products.

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