Pre-treated Deicer

Mega Melt™ Pro<em>Slicer</em>™

Mega Melt™ ProSlicer

Packaged high-performance pre-treated deicer

Mega Melt ProSlicer is a high performance, treated rock salt. Mega Melt ProSlicer is one of the best values in pre-treated deicers available. In fact, users have reported reducing their total chemical usage by up to 30 percent.

Pre-treated with a liquid deicer, Mega Melt ProSlicer lowers rock salt's freezing point and eliminates the bounce usually associated with applying dry rock salt. Mega Melt ProSlicer is also treated with a carbohydrate that reduces corrosion.

Beginning Fall 2011, we've changed the brand label on our bag from Beneath Zero to MegaMelt ProSlicer.

Mega Melt ProSlicer is available in 50-pound bags. Need more on Mega Melt ProSlicer? See the Mega Melt ProSlicer product brochure or spec sheet. Looking for other deicers information? Review our other high-performing Products.

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