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Product Brochure Lignosulfonate


Lignosulfonate is a naturally occurring, glue-like polymer found in wood that holds cellulose fibers together. During pulping, lignin is separated from cellulose. This base material is then processed to become an effective ammonium-based or sodium-based dust control agent.

When used for dust control, lignosulfonate binds surface particles together. Water evaporates from the lignin as it dries after application. Dust control is achieved as the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material traps dust particles. Over time, the sun's heat makes the lignin completely insoluble, creating a tough, water-resistant and durable dust controlled surface.

While often used on city, county & long-haul roads and construction areas, lignosulfonate's greener, natural non-chloride formula can be used on tree & flower nurseries, forest / timber haul roads, orchards and feed lots as well.

Lignosulfonate provides dust control to PM10 standards. Need more on lignosulfonate? See the lignosulfonate product brochure or MSDS sheet. Looking for other dust control products or information on our deicers? Review our other high-performing Products.

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